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  • “I’ve been taking SlimR 360 for three weeks. I wanted to take something without changing my lifestyle because I don’t diet and rarely exercise. I’m 46 years old and I have two toddlers to look after. These pills curb my appetite, I don’t crave snacks, and I eat small portions during meals. I have lost 6lbs, and that’s permanent pounds, not water weight or fluctuation weight. I really love SlimR 360! No side effects either! I’m definitely going to keep taking them.”

    Lissie J.
    from New Jersey
  • “I purchased this product last month after a good friend told me about it. I figured, I’ll give it a shot, because I’ve packed on the quarantine 34 lbs., and have tried teas, shakes, intermittent fast, etc. to help get the lbs. back off. Nothing has helped UNTIL I tried SlimR 360. I always weigh myself before starting any weight loss routine. Started at 244, and today, I have 213, not too bad for a 30-days update. I didn’t do any exercise, besides my usual walk to work, and haven’t changed my diet. I’ll definitely be ordering more.”

    Portrait of a young businessman in small modern office.
    James M.
    from Texas
  • This is incredible. I see a huge difference not only in my bloating but I definitely feel an increase in my energy and appetite suppressed. Also no jittery feelings or any side effects at all. I look so slim and feel great! I exercise lightly 2-3 times a week usually, but I exercise less while on this because I’m losing weight anyway. I will continue on my journey with it and hope for the best. For now, I’m extremely happy with the results.”

    Marry E.
    from Ohio

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